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Maryland To Vote On Its Own Dream Act

While there has been some discussion of immigration in this year’s presidential campaign, there’s been little action on Capitol Hill. But in one state, voters will decide on a local version of an immigration bill that’s been debated in Washington. The so-called Maryland Dream Act would offer in-state tuition to undocumented college students the state.

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Catholic University Phases Out Co-Ed Dorms

At colleges across the country, some 90 percent of student housing is now coed. Notre Dame and Brigham Young are among the universities that never followed that trend and stuck with single-sex housing. Now the Catholic University of America thinks that’s the way to go. The Washington, DC school is turning back the clock and returning to single-sex dorms. As Jacob Fenston reports, the university is fighting back against what it perceives is a culture of drinking and casual sex.

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Bikeshare Program Rides High In D.C.

For bicyclists, it’s a spring ritual: dust off the old bike after a long winter stored in the garage. But in some cities, you no longer have to own a bike to ride one. Bike-sharing schemes are a fixture across Europe. But now they are taking root on American soil. Jacob Fenston reports on the nation’s largest bike-share system, in Washington DC.

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4th Grade Text Sparks Civil War Debate

The Civil War has been over for 145 years, but in Virginia, the battles rage on. This week’s fight was over a 4th grade text book. It claims that thousands of black soldiers joined the Confederate army. As Jacob Fenston reports, the controversy has called into question the way that Virginia approves text books.

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Holocaust Survivors Blast French Rail’s U.S. Pursuits

During World War II, the French national railway transported some 75,000 Jews to Nazi death camps. This still strikes a sensitive nerve for some Holocaust survivors. This month, a subsidiary of that railway took over operation of a commuter train in northern Virginia and survivors are upset, as Jacob Fenston reports.

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Marine’s Widow Says Memorial Day Like Every Other

As America remembers its war dead on Memorial Day, we’re hearing from family members and friends of fallen soldiers and Marines. Sergeant Bill Cahir had an unusual resume for an enlisted man. He was a Capitol Hill staffer, then a Washington journalist before joining the Marines at age 34. Reporter Jacob Fenston visited Sergeant Cahir’s widow at her home in Alexandria, Virginia.

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A Bumpy Test Ride with Google

Drivers have gotten used to plotting their route using Google Maps. But commuters trying to find a safe route for two wheels have found themselves out of luck. Cyclists have now finally gotten biking directions from Google. As Jacob Fenston reports, they’re still a work-in-progress.